2019|ACE GATE Geotechnical Engineering ClassRoom Handwritten notes PDF|2019

2019|ACE GATE Geotechnical Engineering ClassRoom Handwritten notes PDF|2019

ACE GATE Geotechnical Engineering Handwritten notes PDF

 Geotechnical Engineering Handwritten Classroom Notes for Gate PDF

This type of caisson is closed at the top and open at the bottom during construction and also the Working Chamber and Access Shaft are kept Watertight.

 The Pneumatic Caisson necessitates a host of features required for the Dredging or Excavation process to be executed like the Air supply pipe, Power Supply Line for Power Tools, the Muck Pipe (to transport the Excavated soil to the Ground Surface), facilities for Concreting activities, Access shaft for the Construction Crew and for the transportation of Materials needed for the Excavation or Dredging Processes.

 Geotechnical Engineering Handwritten Classroom Notes

I. How is the Pressure maintained in the Working Chamber so as to ensure the surrounding Water does not flood the Working Chamber?

 Answer: The pressure of the compressed air in the shaft is kept just higher than that of the water at that depth. 

 Geotechnical Engineering Handwritten Classroom

 II. When the Access Shaft for the entry of crew is opened, the two different ends of the shaft are at different pressures which will result in an enormous load on the compressed air supply pipe since it has to keep the Water away from the Working Chamber.

 Geotechnical Engineering Handwritten


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