2019|ACE GATE Structural Analysis ClassRoom Handwritten notes PDF | 2019

2019|ACE GATE Structural Analysis ClassRoom Handwritten notes PDF | 2019

ACE GATE Structural Analysis Handwritten notes PDF

Structural Analysis Handwritten Classroom Notes for Gate PDF

Merit: i) Profile will be flat at the middle and steeper towards the edges. It is preferred by fast moving vehicles as they have to frequently cross the crown line during overtaking operations. 

Demerit: i) Since steeper at edges slow moving vehicles have a tendency to overturn.

Structural Analysis Handwritten Classroom Notes

Inside and hence try to occupy the central portion of the roadway, resulting in a reduction  of traffic capacities 

(b) Straight line camber: 

Generally, in cement concrete pavements, the Wheels does not have a contact at the centre when straight camber is provided or when the vehicle is on a curved cross slope. 

Structural Analysis Handwritten Classroom 

Merit: Uniform cross slope on either side of centre, comfortable for slow-moving vehicles 
Demerit: Discomfort for fast moving vehicles which have a tendency to overtake slow moving vehicles by crossing the centre line, which is a sharp point, resulting in a jerk. Further, the road is likely to get damaged at the centre, Since stress intensity is high because of the sharp point of the negligible area.

Structural Analysis Handwritten



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