Objectives of surveying | What is Surveying?

Objectives of surveying | What is Surveying?

                             What is surveying

Surveying can be defined as an art as well as the science of map making. surveying can be defined as the art to determine the relative position of points on the surface of the earth, below the surface of the earth and above the surface-of-the-earth, by means of direct or indirect measurements.

The main objectives of surveying are below discussed.


Objectives of surveying:-

i) To take measurements for determining the location of an existing object on or above or below the earth surface.

ii) To fix or to mark the location of a proposed structure with the know measurements.

iii) To calculate areas, volumes and other related quantities.

iv) To layout or to mark the positions of the proposed structure on the ground.

v) To solve measurement problems in an easy way.


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