what is concrete made of

what is concrete made of

what is concrete made of

It is a mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water.

functions of each of the above constituents are as follows:

CEMENT: it imparts adhesive and cohesive properties to concrete and binds the various ingredients into a compact mass.

COARSE AGGREGATE: they occupy the bulk of the volume of concrete and contribute to the strength of the concrete.

FINE AGGREGATE: They act as filter material and also help in improving the workability of concrete.

WATER: it causes the hydration of cement.

Concrete USES:-

concrete is a widely used building material 

concrete is a composite material, which is a mixture of binding material, coarse aggregate, fine aggregates and water.

the main disadvantage of concrete over other building materials is its high compressive strength, high durability, high flexibility and affordability.

concrete with lime as the binding material is called lime concrete.

concrete with cement as the binding material is called cement concrete.

most of the ancient structures and historical buildings had been constructed with lime concrete, but today almost all the constructions are being done using cement concrete.


Batching:- It is the process of measuring the ingredients of concrete (cement, water, sand, aggregates) as per the mix design. if batching is done based on the volume of the ingredients,
it is called as volume batching and if batching is done based on the weight of the ingredients, it is called as weight batching.

Mixing:- Mixing of ingredients is done to obtain homogeneous and uniform colour concrete of desired strength, mixing is done either by hand or by machine mixing.

Transportation:- The two key goals when transporting concrete from the mixing area to the construction site are to prevent segregation and to not reduce the workability of the mix. 

Placing:- The transported concrete has to be placed in the formwork as per requirement. the placing of concrete also plays an important role in concreting since improper concrete may lead to segregation and bleeding.

Compaction:- The process of removal of entrapped air and uniform placement of concrete to form a homogeneous dense mass is termed as compaction.compaction can be done manually or by mechanical means. 

Curing:-Curing of freshly placed concrete is very important for optimum strength and durability.

Finishing:-The process of levelling and smoothening the surface of a freshly placed concrete to achieve the desired appearance is called as finishing.


Concrete maturity indicates how far curing has progressed.

the product (curing period X curing temperature) is called the maturity of concrete.

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